How to Get a Bigger Chest

Building a Bigger Chest

Who doesn’t want a bigger chest? Whether it’s for looks or performance, the chest is one of the most important and noticeable muscles on the human body. Read here to find out the best exercises to build a big chest.


The Chest is actually made of 2 similar but different muscle. There is the lower pec, and the upper pec. The lower pec is the most commonly exercised muscle of the two and is almost always more visible than its counterpart. But, the problem is that can lead to a “saggy chest”. If you only do workouts to work your lower pecs, then you will get that “saggy chest”. You want a balance of upper and lower pectoral exercises to get a good balanced chest.


Alright. Now for the best part, the exercises. These are the ones that I prefer when doing my workouts. There are so many more, but here’s mine:


Bench Press- The most classic chest exercise there is. This focuses mainly on the lower pectorals. Make sure you go all the way down to get a good stretch and form you pectorals well.

Incline Barbell/Dumbbell

Bench Press- This is important! If you want a balanced chest, try to bench the same weight on the incline as the standard bench press. This will exercise those upper pectorals.

Pectoral Flies- Great way to stretch the pecs and get a nice wide full chest.

Weight Plate Press- One of my favorite exercises. Hold the weight plate like you are praying while lying on the bench. Make sure to press hard inward as this will really get those muscles pumping. Great exercise to do after a heavy bench session.

So that’s how I recommend getting a bigger chest. Now, of course the weight needs to be challenging, but with proper weight these exercises can take your chest to the next level.