LA weight loss program

The LA weight loss program is billed as a lifestyle change rather than just being a diet. This program is not considered to be a fad, but instead, a new way of life. Since its inception in 1994, LA weight loss has expanded to over 400 locations with glowing testimonials from all over the world. It is a program that teaches its members how to lose weight and keep it off. This is done through individual counseling from nutrition experts as well as clients who have successfully lost their desired weight. It is set up to help people lead healthier lives. Smart eating, encouragement, and a good exercise plan are all part of the success that LA weight loss clients experience. By following the program, you will learn the appropriate portions of food to eat, as well as how to combine nutrients into your daily meals. This plan doesn’t focus fully on one group of food, while leaving out another one totally.

Someone new to the program will begin by meeting with one of the counselors. You will be asked to give a complete health history before you are allowed to begin the program. This insures that LA weight loss is going to be safe and effective for each person. After being accepted into the program, clients visit the center so they can take part in individual counseling meetings. The time period for LA weight loss is 12 months. These are divided into 3 phases. The first is Weight Loss, then Stabilize, followed by Maintenance.

LA weight loss offers an approach that is non-diet. It is a healthy weight loss plan that will show you how to live a continuing healthy and well-balanced life, instead of just dropping some pounds that will only come back. You are not required to stay away from one food group. With this plan, you will learn how to enjoy all different types of food in moderation. This makes sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. You are taught how to cook healthy and delicious food at home, as well as being shown how to eat out at a restaurant without going off your program.

There is also a healthy cookbook compiled by LA weight loss that is available at most of the centers. This book offers recipes for such delicious dishes as Vegetable Ziti Bake, Philly Cheesecake, and Chocolate Truffles. These not only sound good and taste good, but they are also good FOR you.

An important component of the LA weight loss program is its encouragement to exercise. This is a necessary part of any weight loss program that is going to work. However, the counselors at LA weight loss believe that even a mild form of exercise is going to help. In fact, all clients have a personalized exercise plan made just for them in accordance to their specific needs, limitations and experience.

Each LA weight loss Center has different prices for the program and the food. They do offer a full refund if you don’t reach your guaranteed goal. For this to be effective though, you must buy the supplements and food that are a part of each program.

As with all weight loss programs there are good points and bad points. The positive parts of the LA weight loss program is that it does not require you to use their prepared food, recommendations are made for eating out, no food restrictions, personalized counseling, no calorie counting, and they have been around a long time with a good reputation. The not so good points are the cost, non availability in all areas, and the weekly counseling sessions must be conducted in person.

If there is a center in your area, LA weight loss may be just the weight loss program you are looking for. While it is definitely not a one size fits all plan, you should be able to find what you need by investigating all that LA weight loss has to offer. With a program designed specifically for your situation, and individualized counseling, you should be able to not only lose the desired weight, but adopt a new, healthy and well balanced lifestyle.