Things to know about spray tanning

Spray tanning is also known as the UV filled tanning, self-tanning, spray tanning or fake tanning also. In the spray tanning, there are chemicals included which applied to your skin to give an effect which appears similar to sun tan. The mist which is applied to your skin contains an ingredient which is called as dihydroxyacetone (DHA); it reacts with your skin and turns with the tan. Spray tanning in Ottawa is very much popular among people.

Tanning is the way to look hot. We all are aware of the sun effects, baking in the sun for an entire day is not good for the health. That is why the people are doing spray tanning to get the bronze glow on their skin to look good. In the post, we will discuss some facts which should be known by the people about spray tanning.

Facts about it:-

The darken skin indicates that it is damaging because of the UV rays of the sun. So people are taking the sunless tanning which they think is beneficial for them. But do they know about it? The facts which shown below will give you some real facts about it. Those facts are:-

  • The sunscreen will help you to protect from the tan. The sunscreen which has SPF element will increase the protection level and works as the shield of the skin and protect it from getting damaged.
  • It is a sensitive treatment, so when you are going to get the sunless tan then shave before 12 hours of tan because shaving is the mild exfoliant which exposes the new skin cells. Taking sunless tan just after shave will harm your skin and can cause redness and discomforts.
  • You should pick the salon for your treatment which has the well-ventilated system. These salons are good for the treatment for taking out the better results.
  • The base tan protects you from the sun burn is a bogus think. You should apply sunscreen on your skin to protect your skin regularly. Don’t create a myth in your mind that there is no need to apply sunscreen after getting the tan.


The name of sunless tanning also knows spray tanning. It is used to get the bronze and tan look hot. You can choose the spray tanning in Ottawa, which is well in its job. Hope that you are satisfied and will use it and take the better result of it.